Real Estate Investors Club of Los Angeles

LA Investors Club

The reason the Real Estate Investors Club of Los Angeles (LAREIC) has become so successful is because our students – people just like you – have become tremendously successful. That is why we are known as the trusted source for investment knowledge on Southern California real estate. Investors say that what makes the REIC of Los Angeles – LAREIC so unique is that we show our members how to make money in changing markets. Whether real estate goes up, goes down or even if it stays flat, our members learn how to make massive profits.

We are long time experts on Los Angeles Real Estate and Southern California real estate market conditions; from Palmdale and up into Ventura County; to Long Beach; and outward to the Inland Empire.

You don’t need money or credit. What you do need is desire, education, and a real estate team that knows the CURRENT market conditions. What worked in the last few years may not work now. The Real Estate Investor’s Club of Los Angeles (LAREIC) will help you form the team that you need to have in order to be successful. You need to know a cooperative hard moneylender, a mortgage broker, a title company, an escrow company, a realtor, a birddog, an appraiser, a real estate attorney, and experienced people you can go to for mentoring


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