About Us


  • Launched in October 2009, The College of American Real Estate Investors (CAREI) is an organization formed by the founder of the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors to help real estate investors take the next step in their career by learning the fundamentals of their profession and becoming CAREI certified.
  • CAREI offers an academic program that provides online learning and certification for independent real estate investors, from experienced professionals to new members who want to learn the ropes from seasoned, acknowledged industry experts.
  • CAREI offers a series of online classes as well as on-site classes in the CAREI classroom, located in Aurora, Colorado.
  • Members of CAREI can become CAREI Certified in real estate investing, which indicates that they have completed the required curriculum and adhere to a guiding code of ethics.
  • CAREI is not affiliated with any university. It is an independent organization that offers online academic resources.
  • CAREI members receive networking opportunities, educational resources and access to a members-only online marketplace.


  • CAREI was founded by William Bronchick, the president and chairman. Bronchick is an attorney, best-selling author and real estate investing guru, who has led workshops and given seminars to thousands of real estate investors. Bronchick’s book Flipping Properties was named one of the ten best real estate books of the year by the Chicago Tribune.
  • A Board of Advisors, comprised of well-known industry leaders, provides strategic direction, contributes content for courses and serves as faculty members and mentors to CAREI members. In addition, the board determines the requirements for CAREI Certification, monitors the certification program and makes the final determination on individual cases where denial of an applicant’s certification is appealed.
  • Classes are taught by an adjunct faculty who are reputable experts in the field of real estate investing.
  • CAREI promotes social responsibility through its CAREI Cares Foundation, an organization to be incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization in 2010 that supports affordable housing projects through partnerships with community-based nonprofits.
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