Flipping Properties – Generate Instant Cash Profits in Real Estate

by William Bronchick, Esq.


Learn how to wholesale or fix and flip properties in any real estate market.  Over 250,000 copies sold worldwide!

Price: $18.95

Making Hard Cash in a Soft Real Estate Market

by Wendy Patton


How should your real estate investing strategy change when the housing market has cooled off? This book explains that there is still great money to be made in real estate, but you have to use tactics that work in the current market, not yesterdays boom market.

Price: $24.95

Defensive Real Estate Investing

by William Bronchick, Esq.

Defensive Real Estate Investing

Learn how to valuate a house to determine the real value of a property. Make a profit when you buy. Learn to read your own local market. Understand the rules of investing in real estate as a business.

Price: $18.95

How to Sell Fast in a Slow Market

William Bronchick, Esq.

How to sell a house fast in a slow real estate market
by William Bronchick, Esq.

In this practical, life-saving guide, real estate wiz William Bronchick offers a proven plan for finding a buyer using aggressive marketing techniques, advertising, repairs, and upgrades, home staging tactics, and a wealth of other creative, effective strategies.

Price: $19.95

The Ultimate Guide to Fix and Flip – 25% discount for CAREI members

by William Bronchick, Esq.

The Ultimate Guide to Fix and Flip - 25% discount for CAREI members

If you are just getting into real estate, fixing and flipping properties is one of the best ways due to the low cost - and almost no risk to you. If you are a veteran in this business you will learn even more, in-depth ways of increasing your profit.

Price: $497.00

Advanced Investing Techniques

by Alexis McGee


This is your step-by-step must-have guide to learning how to advance beyond the basics of buying only properties in pre-foreclosure and only those that appear to have plenty of equity upfront.

Price: $21.95

Making Huge Profits in Investing in Pre-Foreclosures

by Alexis McGee

Make Money and Help Your Community at the Same Time.

Most of the foreclosure-related books in print are all about pumping up readers on how to get-rich-quick. They're about how much money you can make and how fast, and especially about how to steal the deal from the competition. They include little detail on how to get a property owner to say "yes." Instead, their overly complicated tips and tricks of the trade generally are provided at the expense of the property's original owner. Consider, instead, the white-knight approach to buying foreclosures. It's ethical, it's honest, and it's an opportunity to gain hefty financial rewards along with the personal satisfaction of helping others. No prior experience required, either. Regardless of market ups and downs and even without cash in hand, a person can make lots of money and a positive difference in other people's lives. The nice guy does finish first. In this book we'll use real life stories to show you how.

Instead of entering the business of buying foreclosures with the goal of making quick money at any cost, McGee advocates that success is all about helping others first. Foremost is to make a difference in others' lives, and your own financial gain will follow so much gain, in fact, that you'll be amazed by your own success.

Every chapter will include real-life stories and experiences – positive as well as negative from Alexis and many of her students. There also will be a Takeaway at the end of each chapter that summarizes key points.

Price: $19.95

The Landlord’s Kit

By Jeffrey Taylor


The Landlord's Kit is a highly recommended resource for any one who owns at least one rental and a necessity for those who own or manage many. As a rental owner you will use or refer to this book more than any other real estate book you own, because it deals with how to effectively communicate with residents at any and every stage of the rental process

Price: $18.95

Foreclosure Laws Course

1 Foreclosure Law Credit


This fast-paced course defines mortgages and deeds; explains liens, lien positioning and how to remove them. Also details the foreclosure process, including timeline, auctions and redemption.

Price: $29.00

Contracts – Pertinent Clauses & Closing

Learn the legally required  components of a real estate contract. Whether you’re buying or selling, attorney Bill Bronchick discuss what he calls “essential clauses” for the investor. Also covered at the different ways to close on a property.

Price: $29.00

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