The CAREI certification* promotes competence, integrity and social responsibility through continuing education requirements, community involvement and adherence to its guiding code of ethics.

Members can receive a CAREI Certification by completing twelve credit hours and then passing a final exam. Because the program is self-paced, certification can be completed in 1-2 months. Classes required for certification include

– Business and Finance – 2 credits

– Construction – 1 credit

– Contracts – 1 credit

– Electives – 2 credits

– Ethics – 1 credit

– Foreclosure Laws – 1 credit

– Property Management – 2 credits

– Real Estate Law – 1 credit

– Tax Strategy – 1 credit

Classes are offered individually at $29 for basic members, or no charge for academic members. Classes are available on demand as well as live every month. “Basic” CAREI membership is $69 annually, and “Academic” membership is $279 for the first year, $69 annually thereafter. 

CAREI Certification remains active for one year, with re-certification training required annually. Re-certification ensures that CAREI members remain updated and informed on the latest federal regulations and guidelines.CAREI is positioned to lead the industry standard on real estate investing certification. With strict training and educational requirements, as well as a code of ethics, the certification helps to monitor deals made in real estate sales, to ensure integrity and ethics in all transactions, which helps to protect consumers.Certification requires a background check to be reviewed by the Board of Advisors. Members who are CAREI Certified will be subject to review by the Board of Advisors, who work to ensure that graduates adhere to the CAREI Code of Ethics.Click here to join CAREI membership

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CAREI Certification Application – *To be considered for CAREI Certification you are required to mail your signed, completed application to: CAREI attn: Certification Dep’t 2821 S Parker Rd, Suite 435  Aurora, CO 80014

*Certification is not a degree of higher learning. CAREI is not affiliated with any university.


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