Welcome to the College of American Real Estate Investors

The College of American Real Estate Investors (CAREI) is a professional association that offers an online training and a certification program for independent real estate investors. CAREI certification promotes competence, integrity and social responsibility through continuing educationrequirements, community involvement and adherence to its guiding code of ethics.iStock_000005541249XSmall

Continuing Education is the cornerstone of CAREI, with the underlying belief that both the real estate investor and the general public benefit when investors are familiar with the latest legislative and tax issues pertinent to real estate transactions. CAREIoffers the most comprehensive, diverse, and relevant online training available anywhere for real estate investors.

CAREI’s Advisory Board is comprised of select industry professionals who have demonstrated that they each possess ethics of the highest order, as well as a nationally renowned reputation as an expert in their respective fields. Collectively, the Board possesses the varied expertise and broad geographic base required of its member investors

Finally, there is a unified voice for the real estate investor profession!


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